Family Mediation

Child Support - Child Custody - Separation Agreements

Very few couples get together only to break up. And unfortunately for most, divorce and separation can be expensive. On average, it costs $15,000 per person (minimum) just to sever the ties that bind. Mediation and dispute resolution services, even if court ordered, can dramatically reduce current and future costs associated with your separation and/or divorce. Parties can make decisions that are best for them and their needs. Moreover, any agreements created between parties can be added immediately to your case file (in certain Maryland counties) for use by the court and/or your attorney of choice.

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A Sample of the Disputes We Handle

  • Spousal and Child Support

  • Marriage and Domestic Partner Dissolution (including Grey Divorce)

  • Long Term Care Planning

  • Capacity Issues

  • Child Custody and Parenting Coordination

  • Attorneys’ Fees and Costs

  • Allocation of Debt and Assets

  • Separation Agreement Modifications

  • Consent Order Modifications

**Please note...because of the nature of certain family law cases, clients are advised to allot 2 hours or more per session if necessary. Additionally, in cases involving alleged abuse, the session will be co-mediated.

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