Mediation & Dispute Resolution Services

Some attorneys are worth every penny. This is especially true in criminal, civil rights and malpractice cases.

But in other cases like family law, elder care, estate planning, small civil disputes and real estate, unnecessary litigation can cost you unnecessary dollars. Our firm specializes in helping you take back your wallet while potentially solving a legal matter using mediation and dispute resolution.

Mediation is essentially a structured conversation between yourself and the other party. We are trained in assisting parties with devising novel solutions that the court can accept. This includes ongoing cases in the court system. This can be done in a couple of hours, a few days or a few weeks. It’s up to you and the other party. But either way, our goal and intention is to help you reach a mutually agreeable decision while maintaining your financial well being and mental sanity.


Less Expensive
Some attorneys charge flat fees; others charge by the hour. But on average, litigation costs in 2018 are $10,000 to $100,000 including attorney’s fees, court costs and, in some cases, costs for expert witnesses. Mediation costs are, instead, affordable.

Being in a courtroom can feel like a fishbowl. Issues resolved with us will not be made public.

Difficult Case? No Problem
Litigation is never fun, especially in cases involving divorce, custody issues and the elderly. Our mediators are skilled in handling individuals or groups involving safety concerns, power imbalances, or cognitive abnormalities.

Waiting for your turn in court can be 6 months or more in some districts. Disputes resolved in mediation (even partially) reduce the wait.

In-Depth Process
Because we don’t take sides, everyone can be heard (including kids). Our goal is to use what you have right now to come to an agreement that you need.

Tailored to Your Needs
If a specialist is needed to assist you in reaching an agreement, we can bring one in.

Although we work hard to assist both parties to come a mutually agreeable decision, some disputes are more serious than expected. In those cases, binding arbitration or court is available.

More Effective
Court-ordered mediation settlements average 20%. Private mediation settlements average 75%. Either way, you can reduce your court costs and attorney fees through mediation.

Our goal is to help you and the other party come up with solutions acceptable to a court of law. We don’t judge…if there is a way to solve your dispute that seems unorthodox but is not illegal…we’re all for it.

Implicit Bias Need Not Apply
Implicit bias does exist in the court system and after working for years helping individuals immersed in the legal system, we’ve seen a great deal. Our firm is trained in helping you use what you bring to the table to solve your problem. Your race, creed, color, national origin or sexual orientation is not what we use unless it’s applicable to the case and you personally include it in your case.

What You Say Matters
You have a say. This is especially important for the elderly and children involved in litigation. We will take the time to hear what you have to say either in a joint session or in a private session away from the other party. Judges and attorneys don’t always have that kind of time.


  • Our fees don’t start at four figure sums. Although we work hand in hand with attorneys and courts on various cases, our goal is to make our clients whole…not win the “lottery” at the expense of their private matter.

  • Agreements created and signed by parties can be e-filed in certain Maryland counties. We are trained and ready to e-file documents in our office. In cases where documents cannot be e-filed, documents can be scanned in for immediate use on site.

  • Documented Experience and Training. We have the background and training to help you and the other party come to a mutually agreeable decision.

  • And most of all…neutral. We don’t keep score during your mediation session. Because we represent neither party, our focus is on your matter and how we can help you solve it. Not on winners and losers.

Call at 301-531-4283 or email us at today so that we can assist you in getting back to what is most important…peace.